Rana Capital: a crypto and web3 collective

Rana Capital is a collaboration between prominent crypto developers and community leaders.

We provide funding and support to those building a truly decentralised future.
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About Us.

Rana Capital provides a unique, grassroots approach to fundraising and community-building, all whilst allowing projects to draw on the extensive expertise of founders and developers from leading blockchain ecosystems, as well as prominent public figures in the crypto/web3 space.

Our portfolio includes:

Aleph Zero is privacy-enhancing public blockchain with instant finality, built for enterprise, Web 3.0, and DeFi use-cases.
ChainGPT is building the leading AI infrastructure for blockchain, crypto and web3.
Entangle provides customizable & interoperable data infrastructure for institutions and web3
Self Chain is a modular intent-centric access layer 1 blockchain and keyless wallet
AzeroID is an on-chain name service for Aleph Zero and beyond.
ImgnAI is a new leader in consumer AI. As AI-powered products become more censored and less accessible to people around the world, imgnAI is committed to global access and responsible content moderation.
Wombat is a groundbreaking multichain stableswap protocol that allows users to swap stablecoins at minimal slippage and stake at maximum yield.
YieldNest unlocking the full potential of decentralized ETH yield generation.
Cudos is a leading decentralised cloud computing network that unites cloud and blockchain. Cudos uses spare computing to create a decentralised, sustainable, and connected world.
Lava is an open-source protocol for reliable decentralised access to RPC data, across all chains.
DAO maker is a leading crypto consultancy, accelerator, market maker and is also the #1 launchpad by ecosystem market cap, volume and users.
Ordiswap brings dynamic AMM infrastructure to BRC-20, unlocking unparalleled liquidity on Bitcoin's native layer.
WorkX is the first decentralized job economy empowering both talent and employers without commercial fees
Velar is a DeFi liquidity protocol on Bitcoin powered by Stacks
Onomy is a multi-chain suite converging Forex and Decentralized Finance.
Gameta is an experienced game developer that is helping to onboard millions of new users to Web3 by creating a vast ecosystem of simple, fun and easily replayable on-chain games unified by Gameta's native $HIP token.
Hana Network is a frictionless gateway layer for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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